How to write a great research paper: choosing a winning topic

Why is it important to choose a topic for your research paper correctly?

Your research paper is one of the most important assignments you will come across during your high school and college years. It is usually quite long and will cost a lot of time and effort. You clearly don't want to spend a lot of time on what is not interesting to you or what you may never need in the future. On the other hand, you have received the specific instructions of what your paper shall write about. More than that, you want your professor to grade your paper according to your knowledge and writing ability and therefore, you need to make the best of it. At the first sight it looks almost impossible to choose a topic that will suit both you and your professor. Don't worry, it is not as hard as it seems.

6 tips for choosing your topic.

Want to include everything specified earlier to your paper? Be sure to follow these easy guidelines to choose the topic and write a paper which will satisfy both yours and your professor expectations:

  1. Focus. Check if your topic is not too wide or you will find too much information on it and get lost easily. You can ask yourself questions regarding your topic and choose those that are personally interesting for you.
  2. Select only interesting or useful questions. Think about what you will be able to apply on practice later. Don't spend your precious time on what you will never take a look later.
  3. Look through magazines and articles on your subject. They may give you an idea which problem is urgent and recent enough to study.
  4. Take a look at class readings and notes. It is much better if you don't distract too much from the program you followed in class. If your topic differs a lot from what you studied in class, even within the same subjects, the professor might not like it.
  5. Even taking into consideration the previous point, be creative. Try to take an unexpected approach to the topic, don't be boring. This way you can avoid having the same topic as someone else from your class and sound usual.
  6. Check the previous research on your topic. It is important to find the golden mean here. You don't want to choose the topic that either has too many research on and nothing new can be brought in or has no previous research at all and will give you a lot of trouble finding at least something.