Where To Find Great Free Marketing Research Papers

Marketing research is the process, or set of processes, that links end users, customers, and consumers to the marketer through the use of information — information that is used to define and identify marketing problems and opportunities. Marketing research specifies the information that is required to address these issues and opportunities, designs the method that is used for collecting information, manages and implements the process of data collection, analyzes the results that were collected, and communicates the findings, along with any implications that they may have.

Marketing research in understandable terms

It can be simply explained as the systematic collection, documentation, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data regarding issues related to the marketing of services and products. The objective of doing research in marketing is identify and appraise how various elements of marketing impact the way that customers behave. The difference between market research and marketing research is that market research focuses on specific markets, while marketing research focuses on the processes of marketing.

If you are looking to find free marketing research papers that you can adapt for use as your own, there are several great places that you should be looking. Consider browsing through one or several of the ones listed below to find what you need:

  • Marketing journals and magazines: The goal of magazines and journals is to communicate new techniques and processes that can be used to get better results than what a client is currently experiencing. They print both entire papers and excerpts of papers that have discovered ground-breaking information. The benefit to getting a paper this way is that the paper is completely up-to-date and has the most advanced info available. It is quite possible that reading one of these papers will give you an idea to further the research that was done.
  • University library archives: It is worth your time to browse through some of the papers that have been done by former students at your school. You will get invaluable information on which areas have been covered already, and you may find a paper that is exactly the topic you were planning on writing. There may be lots of information contained in the paper that you can use as a base for your own, and you will be able to cite it as part of your sources.
  • Marketing Companies: Most corporate websites maintain a blog or other section where interested parties can browse through recent articles written about the industry. They will often publish papers that they believe add value to explaining how their job is done and what they can do for clients. You can occasionally find research papers on here that you may never have come across otherwise.