Why you should find controversial topics for a research paper

Try to avoid offensive topics when writing research papers. If you know something is an unpopular opinion or you know that something might be extremely derisive amongst your audience it is universally the best idea to avoid bringing it up. With that being said there are a lot of different types of articles that someone could write. One common type of paper is an essay consisting of an argument in which one person is presenting his own point of view on a specific topic and then goes on to prove it through primary and secondary evidence that he has found. The main point of writing this type of paper is going to be to convince someone to accept your idea of the argument instead of an opposing view.

These steps are generally recommended when trying to write a persuasive essay or an argumentative paper:

Select an area you are interested in. This is the first thing that you should do and it is one of the most important parts of the whole process. Play to your strengths in this regard. Do not pick a subject that you are weak at. You should always take a position in this kind of paper. A solid position is going to be the one that you spend your time defending. You need to focus on the audience and the flow of information while maintaining a thorough understanding of the purpose of the paper. You have to take your time and play to the audience that you are writing to if you want to succeed at this type of paper. Ask whether they are more likely to disagree or to agree with the information that you are providing them in the paper. The identification of key experts in the area you are studying and the collection of research from local libraries and other sources is going to be paramount to your success.

There are tons of forms that your essay could take to help support the position you are taking. You can present your information as fact, although that can get tricky. If it is presented as fact it needs to be somehow proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be true. If it is quantitative research then they must be proven statistically to find some way to produce a final answer. Qualitative reports must provide solid proof via the content that is being provided to the readers. In the end, the reader should be able to see that you have documented evidence and identified the types of arguments that can be used.