Academic Tutorial On How To Write Thesis For Research Paper

We're talking here about the foundation of your research paper. Think of your finished research paper as a building. If you have a strong and reliable foundation, the strength of your building will be on display. You will have created an excellent piece of work. So it is with the thesis statement for your research paper. If this is powerful, relevant and long-lasting, you will find writing a research paper so much easier and the likelihood is that you will get a much higher score. Surely that’s your goal.

What are the steps to take in creating a thesis for a research paper?
  • See if you can complete it in a single sentence.
  • Make sure there is a question to be answered.
  • Keep your thesis statement topic as narrow as possible.
  • Gets prior approval for your thesis statement.
  • Keep your powder dry.

One of the great strengths of a good thesis statement is that it can be explained in as few words as possible. The longer you make your thesis statement, the harder it is to pin it down. The harder it is for you to develop a clear-cut case or provide an answer to the question in your thesis statement. In other words, keep it short.

In your research paper you want to be able to solve a problem or to answer a question. Are you setting up that situation in your thesis statement? Is there a problem listed or a question posed? If not, rewrite it. As stated, the thesis statement is the foundation of your research paper. The better the thesis, the better the paper.

The more narrow the concept of your thesis statement the better. If you have too broad a concept, you will get swamped in extraneous material. You want a clear cut path to the solution.

Whatever you do, show your proposed thesis statement to your professor or teacher. Do not proceed without their say-so. It may be that you have the wrong thesis statement or one which is too broad or one which does not answer or suggest a problem. Get it checked first.

And once you start to write your research paper, don't be in a hurry to tell the reader just how you're going to solve the problem. Keep your powder dry. Let the reader discover your thinking as they read through the research paper.