9 Exciting Sociology Term Paper Topics For High School Students

Sociology is such an interesting subject to take. Because it is so far-reaching and covers customs and cultures then it is easy to understand why it would be so appealing to so many students. High school offers the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the subject to explore it and test the water before deciding whether or not they wish to pursue it in more depth at college or university. If you are studying sociology at high-school level then you should have fun with it. Use it as a tool to broaden your knowledge and understanding of cultures that you may previously have had very little awareness of.

Because the remit is so vast, then you should have very little difficulty finding topics that have not been done to death by fellow students. Or, putting a different spin on a popular topic. To get you started I have come up with nine topics for you to consider:

  1. Explore the recent boom in the interracial romance genre in literature. Is this reflective of a shift in attitude within society towards relationships between couples of different race?
  2. The class system is still prevalent within the United Kingdom, does ethnicity determine a person’s social class? If so, can the government take further steps to address this?
  3. The concept of female genital mutilation and forced marriages are abhorrent to many in society. Do we have a right to try and impose our beliefs and cultures on others especially when we believe women are being harmed, or should we be more accepting of other cultures?
  4. Examine Patriotism is America in the 1950’s and contrast it now in 2015.
  5. Family life has changed beyond recognition in recent times. Now with more households with both parents working, mealtimes are increasingly disjointed. Should families make more of an effort to at least share one meal each week together, or does this not matter?
  6. Who, or what is to blame for obesity in children? What can be done to tackle it, and is the issue really as problematic as the government says?
  7. Vegetarianism and Veganism are lifestyle choices. Do parents have the right to inflict these lifestyle choices on their children, or should children be free to choose?
  8. Is it just the hormones kicking in, or is there a deeper societal reason as to why so many young women bully and ridicule each other? Should women automatically stand up for women in the name of the sisterhood? Or are there times when bitchiness, and rivalry are healthy?
  9. Why are so many young adults being drawn to the “Emo” lifestyle? Is this lifestyle healthy? Or is it a cry for help?