19 Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topics About Jazz

Composing research papers as a college student is no longer an issue for you but this time around, it seems you just got stuck. You have been asked to compose a paper on Jazz and you are at crossroads on which topics to write about. Writing academic papers on different genres of music is not an easy feat, especially if you are not too keen on the type of music you are required to write about. However, since this academic requirement is not optional, the best you can do is to carry out researches in order to ensure you give your academic paper the best of your abilities.

In order to make the task easier and less tedious for you, this article has been written to help you out if this is the situation you are currently facing. Included in the article are some of the topics that would make interesting read for your research paper, especially if you devote adequate time to researching and writing on them. They are as follows:

  • Jazz music of the 50’s – The history of change so far
  • Jazz music – Similarities and differences in nuances
  • Understanding the innovations of the 40’s jazz era
  • The unique history of classic jazz
  • Jazz music and street parades – The relationship
  • The influence of jazz in the U.S.
  • The impact of jazz on American culture
  • Jazz – The decade it was at an all time high
  • Jazz – Emergence of a new genre of post World War I music
  • Jazz music and Miles Davis – The relationship
  • Analysis of life-long studies of jazz music
  • Getting the most from a jazz concert
  • Jazz music – Finding a definite definition
  • Jazz – Is it really music?
  • Influential people behind jazz music
  • Louis “Stachmo” Armstrong – His role in the development of jazz music
  • New Orleans and Jazz music – The history
  • Jazz music – Digging deeper than the generalities
  • Jazz music – Bringing its knowledge on par with its development

So, you can see that the hardest aspect of the task has been done for you – coming up with thought-provoking and interesting topics for your research paper on jazz. The only thing that is required of you now is to make a choice of the topic you wish to write on, carry out your researches through reputable sources, initiate writing proper, edit and proofread. With these steps meticulously carried out, you are sure to submit a paper that would end up generating a lot of interest and attention. Go ahead and impress your tutor and potential readers.