The Top 20 Compelling Topic Ideas For Your Next Research Paper

Finding a topic for your next research paper can be a monotonous chore. When you are trying to think about the topic, you just can’t’. Plus you struggle with the idea that you have to find a topic that meets a few specific instructions. You have to find one that is relevant, unique, and interesting. It should be relevant because the whole idea of having you write the paper is to learn more about the subject. You want it to be unique so that it is graded on its merits rather than how much better or worse it is from the other classmates’ papers that were written on the same subject. And you want it to be interesting because you don’t want to do tons of research on a topic that bores you to death.

Here is a list of the top 20 compelling research paper topics. You will just have to make sure that they are relevant to your class and unique from your classmates.

  1. How has social media changed our lives?
  2. Is there still a huge wage gap between men and women in the corporate world?
  3. Why is the middle class getting bigger?
  4. What role do women play in politics?
  5. How can teachers help prevent bullying in school?
  6. Should schools allow students to bring their cell phones to school?
  7. Are there ways of improving the health of our children?
  8. Should medical services be free in our country?
  9. What would be the best way for programs to be put in place to improve the quality of processed foods?
  10. Is there more that can be done about domestic violence?
  11. Should it be so hard to get a separation or divorce when abuse is involved?
  12. Do professional athletes deserve to get paid more than some doctors?
  13. Should there be stricter laws for drunk drivers?
  14. What more can be done with the war on drugs?
  15. Should same sex marriages be allowed?
  16. Is online dating a safe option?
  17. What can be done about the overpopulated jails in America?
  18. What methods can be used to improve gun control?
  19. Should we lower the drinking age?
  20. Should businesses that deal with advertising to children have to offer healthier products?

You should be able to write a very successful paper if you choose any one of these insightful and interesting topics.