Top ideas and prompts for brainstorming term paper topics in economics

How to write a research paper in economics?

An economic research paper asks and answers the following question: How a group will solve a certain problem?  There are about three types of economic research paper:

  • Empirical
  • Theoretical
  • Empirical + Theoretical

The main difference between these types of economic research papers is how the research question is answered by each of them.

What is an empirical research paper

  • The data to answer the thesis question or hypothesis is available.
  • The data used in an empirical paper is collected by experiment or by observation to answer the thesis question or hypothesis.
  • The two main types of empirical research papers are observational (looks at what is occurring now or what has occurred in the past) and experimental (answers a hypothesis of what can or cannot happen in a certain situation).

What is a theoretical research paper?

  • The paper is written when the data is not reliable or not easy to obtain.
  • The theoretical research paper makes assumptions about what could happen in certain situations or provides theories on what may happen.

What is an empirical-theoretical research paper?

  • This type of economic research paper answers a hypothesis or thesis question.
  • It gives reasonable assumptions about what will happen.
  • It does research, collects data, and answers the hypothesis with the information collected.
  • It determines if the reasonable assumptions can hold up and are true.

How to write a good economic research paper?

  • Select a good topic relevant to economics.
  • Select the topic based on the course material studied.
  • Select a topic that one’s professor may approve.
  • The topic should be on an economic question that needs to be answered and relevant today.

The Introduction of the paper: gives the reader general overview of the topic question/hypothesis and the main points of the research paper.

The Body: should have a separate paragraph for each main point of the research paper. It gives the information that answers the topic question or hypothesis. It states how one come up with the answers to the topic question or hypothesis.  It provides the research, experiment results, and proof one used to answer the topic question or hypothesis.

Conclusion: The conclusion summarizes the results of the experiment to answer the topic question or hypothesis.  It will state whether or not the hypothesis has been proven or disproven.  The conclusion provides the results to the hypothesis stated in the Introduction of the economic research paper.