Characteristics of an Effective Honeynet


According to various research-based reports and publications, Honeynet is a deceptive and internet based application that is mostly used in trapping unsuspecting online hackers or network attacker in the cyber world. In most cases, attackers and hackers of internet operating systems usually attempt to interfere with the security systems of organization database system, and this may result to unknown damages to the system. Therefore, the application of Honeynet is mostly provide in to it properly installed it can assist in early warning thus enhance the security apparatus or surveillance tools to counter measure and minimize any risks that can results can affect the information technology system as well as the organization’s network. Honeynet applications also involve both qualitative and quantitative analysis concerning the procedures that the attacker tries to interrupt or interfere with any information system of the organization. In that sense, hone net provides valuable information that will highlight and give ways to avert possible threats in the future. The major strategies of promoting effectiveness of honeypots include the provision of data control and data capture systems. Furthermore, effective Honeynet and honeypots can help in identifying all the activities of the potential hackers and attackers thus reducing threats and security breaching of the system. Provision of enough search space, as well as connection of the Honeynet and internet servers, is also important.


A number of research-based studies and reports indicate that the application of Honeynet and honeypot are very vital in the promotion of network security systems of an organization.

The main objective of this paper is to provide a proper analytical research project of the characteristics of effective Honeynet operations and also evaluate how it can be used in order to provide the most valuable results in organization information and network security systems countermeasures and protection. Furthermore, the paper will also provide various Honeynet applications that can be used in order to provide effective detection or prevention of hackers in the organization technological operations. Finally, the paper will include and discuss various techniques that are used in order to promote functionality, applicability and the limitations to the deployment of the security systems towards achieving the best results. The paper will also evaluate and outline some of the procedures that can be applied in global firms especially through the use of Honeynet in order to provide maximum benefits. This include the identification of potential attackers in the firm environment as well as the various legal procedures that are involved in installing an effective honeypot and Honeynet systems in the firm. The training procedures and policies that should be put in place in order to promote application of Honeynet systems in the firm will be discussed in the paper.