Defining the Most Relevant Economic Term Paper Topics

When writing on economics there are many underlying issues that have an effect on society. Some of these issues are quite obvious including gambling laws and the relation to domestic poverty. Others are not quite as obvious such as illegal immigration and capital punishment. But they all are interesting economics research paper topics. If you are writing an economic term paper and looking for a relevant paper topic consider the “political hot button” issues below and see if any of them appeals to you:

  • Gambling. You can write about the effects that gambling has on local economics or state economies. You can research the amount of money brought in by lotteries or explore the impact that a casino has on the economy. You might compare state economies that allow casinos to those that do not.
  • Immigration. You can debate the economic impact that illegal immigration has on the U.S. economy and what economic opportunities are available to those who are illegal immigrants. You might also look at the historic impact that legal immigration has had on the economy.
  • Domestic poverty. You can research solutions to domestic poverty and whether it should be the responsibility of private organizations or government organizations to help the poor. Compare international poverty to domestic poverty and review the variations in how different countries actually define “poverty”.
  • Death penalty. This hot button issue is actually one of economic relation. You can research the economic implications related to the death penalty including the total cost for execution versus the cost of holding an inmate in prison for life.
  • The Great Depression. You can explore the causes of the depression or the economic steps taken to rebound and what might have happened had the government not intervened.
  • Outsourcing. You can research the impact that outsourcing has on the economy and how it relates to the unemployment rates. Compare the numbers with the money saved by the company and/or the consumer.
  • Bankruptcy. Research how declaring bankruptcy has an effect on the individual and see how this compares to a company. Research how a major company declaring bankruptcy can impact the economy of a country or state.
  • Minimum Wage. Research the economic impact that wage rates has on state or federal economies. Research the good or bad points related to increasing minimum wage and how this affects employers and consumers.