10 Ideas For Creating An Outstanding Sociology Research Paper

No one can write a good paper if they leave it to the last minute, so start early when choosing your topic, and very importantly get it approved before starting. The first thing you need before even starting your research is a good sociological question.

What is a good question?

  • The most basic question for sociology is “what’s going on here?”
  • Other questions direct a reader towards theories and concepts.
  • They can leave a space for a new theory to emerge.
  • They need working on; a perfect question is not going to pop into your head.
  • Start out by looking at your basic interests and refine your ideas from there.

A good question needs relevance, manageability in terms of research, substantial, interesting, follow the requirements of the assignment, and be clear and simple.

Time Management

Make sure you allow plenty of time for your research. You do need an early start, giving yourself time to analyze and thoroughly explore the data.


Seriously, this can’t be stressed enough. How can you present your arguments effectively without knowing in what order you are going to place them. A good outline now means less messing about in the Editing stage. Consider color-coding your outline and your notes. With these in the correct order, your assignment will practically write itself.

Stick to the point

  • Anything that does not directly answer your question should be left out. It may give you more words, but it weakens your argument.
  • You are explaining the relationship between two things OR
  • You explain why something works or happens.


Here is where that outline you made earlier is really vital. Without the plan, you will find yourself making extensive changes so that your evidence is in the strongest possible order.


For the last read through before you send it off, change the format. Print out your essay or upload it to your e-reader. It is amazing the number of tiny errors that you will pick up from looking at it in a different light.

Here are a few suggestions to help you answer your question

  1. Profile a sociologist
  2. Gay Culture – gender and sexuality
  3. Family – the modern structure, marital breakdown
  4. Contraception and Abortion
  5. Food – fast food, mass marketing
  6. Migration – race, nationality
  7. Crime
  8. Should sports be part of formal education
  9. Media influence on substance abuse
  10. Comparison of a child growing up in a Western Country with one from a Developing Country