Getting Free Topics for a Sociology Research Paper

Choosing sociology research paper topics can seem a little difficult for students who are just getting used to the many branches of the subject. Your research paper needs to be original and interesting, but it also needs to be simple enough that you are able to handle the work and fully address the topic. Here are some sociology topics you can consider for your research paper or use to inspire some fresh ideas:

What is the purpose of poverty in the U.S.? For an economy to succeed there must be some level of class division. But is poverty really necessary and what would happen if we could work to raise families above the poverty line?

What effects have counter cultures had on U.S. history? From a sociological point of view, how have counter cultures contributed to politics and history in the U.S.? What alternative outcomes could we reasonably have expected if these counter cultures did not exist?

What are the perceived social functions of penitentiary systems? Are penitentiary systems in existence to protect the public or punish criminals? Are there alternatives we can explore that accomplish both?

What are the social histories of various holidays? Looking at most holidays will reveal an economic foundation that has perpetuated celebration at various times throughout the year. But is there more behind each holiday that we aren’t aware of?

What are the known social causes of poverty? How does society play a role in creating poverty for others? Is poverty a case of circumstance or are people intentionally cast into this level to maintain division and order?

What are the effects of police in educational institutions? Can police presence in educational institutions promote safer places of learning or would police presence be a distraction?

Can social stability be achieved through religion? Most religions promote peace and respect for one another. But there are often religious sections that encourage dislike and prejudice against specific groups of people.

What can be said about education and crime? What is the relationship between education and the likelihood of a person committing a crime? Are there some crimes that are more likely to occur for people with certain levels of education?

Does liquid wealth exist or is it a myth? Is the concept of liquid wealth real – where any group can move from middle to higher class or vice versa with the appropriate application of financial practice? Or is this just concept used to keep social order?

What is the social theory of Nazism? Nazism has survived more than a half century in several countries around the world? What concepts have allowed it to move across generations and regain momentum?