Junior Research Paper Topics Selecting

Picking the junior research paper topic is the first of many steps toward completing your assignment. But once you pick the topic you can begin completing the rest of the research in a timely fashion. The process is not as difficult as it might seem. If you are looking for a junior research paper topic, you should first narrow down your choices based on the following:

  1. Pick a junior research paper topic that you love. Consider writing down a handful of topics that you have a passion for. If you love Asia and you love construction you can list both as a possible research paper topic and see if there is some connection between the two. This is a great place to begin searching for the perfect topic because writing about something you love makes it much easier and much faster to churn out a great paper.
  2. Why?

    Because you are already familiar with the process. If you decide to write about the environmental damage caused by construction in Asia chances are you are already familiar with construction and with Asia and you know where to start looking for any additional research you may need. You will know which websites or review boards are best for content on the topic. In addition you will have likely engaged in discussions about the topics before where you argued a particular aspect of it. You probably set down to dinner once or twice and talked with your friend over why the development in certain parts of Asia was too rapid and creating permanent damage to the underclass. That means you will already know how to develop your essay. You may have written papers on the topic or a similar topic before which will also make the writing process go smoother. You will literally type faster because your brain is already familiar with what it wants to say.

  3. Make sure you brainstorm ideas and write your outline when you are tired. This may be the last time you want to do it but studies indicate that when you are coherent and awake your brain naturally censors itself but when you are tired it does not. That means it lets the creative juices flow and you might find a more exciting topic arise.
  4. After you have made your decision try and narrow down the topic to fit within the page requirements of your paper. You can start by free writing to get a few different angles on the topic until you find one that works best.