Interesting ideas to use for college research paper topics for English

Writing an English paper for college is just like writing any other paper. It follows the same standard procedures and formatting. A well written is equally important to a good grade but another thing, which we usually tend to ignore, is the essay topic. Not many people take it seriously, them maybe good writers and their paper maybe free from grammatical errors and formatting mistakes but if the topic is not intriguing or unique, there is no point in all the effort. So this article is solely dedicated to “SELECTING AN INTERESTING TOPIC FOR YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY”.

Your strong area:

Okay so in order to find the perfect topic for your college English essay is to find out what you actually feel comfortable writing about. What is your strongest area of writing? You need to decide what you are passionate about.

Data availability:

In addition to sorting out your passion, you also need to find out whether your chosen genre has free information available in print or over the internet; you do not want to write an essay, which cannot be supported by facts. Practicality and feasibility are necessary!

Short listing:

Now that you know, your approach and idea are feasible and objective; you can finally shortlist a couple of topics. Make sure your topics are unique and have some scope. You do not want to pick up a topic that can be expanded. Always go for topics that involve your original thoughts and reflect you as a person.

The one:

Whatever topic you choose, stick to it. Just to give you an idea as to interesting topics, I have shortlisted a few topics on the top of my head.

  • How to resolve the India-Kashmir issue peacefully.
  • How to be more honest in advertising your products while remaining in ethical bounds.
  • Why should sports be made compulsory part of school curriculum?
  • Do you think beauty pageants are objectifying women of present day?
  • Why religion is always blamed for violence and terrorism?
  • What is the difference between the mindsets of civilians and military families?
  • Do you think global warming is just a fraud to drain money and resources from NGO’s?
  • How should governments promote interstate tourism?
  • Stress upon the importance of on verbal communication being taught in schools.