How to brainstorm unusual research paper topics

Brain storming is a knack that an individual should inculcate to climb on the ladder of success. Until and unless you do not brain storm and discover the unique and hidden insights of the topic, you cannot write an interesting and knowledgeable topic. After conducting a fair amount of research and developing a solid base of concepts, you have something new and unique to say.

Follow below mentioned steps to brainstorm atypical research topics-

  • Define your issue: To pursue in a right direction and defining the problem is mandatory. Categorize your definition under various headings such as - what is the problem, why this problem occurred? When it came in existence? What is its root cause etc?
  • Do extensive Research: If you do not get the flow of ideas, you still need to perform extensive research. The in-depth work, the knowledgeable facts, more information and more examples, data, etc would assist you to steer in right direction. You can consult online libraries or the library located nearby zone.
  • Ask questions: Write at least 10 questions regarding your research topic. How, What, Where, When, Which etc though some questions, but offers a very useful idea about the subject. They not only develop an insight about the topic but also become a foundation of strong brainstorming.
  • Intrude yourself from inside and examine yourself for predispositions or favouritism: You may be living in a society from past 20 years but when a monk from Nepal pays a visit to your area, they may not be satisfied with your thinking process. So when you begin writing, think for all pros and cons of the topic and then initiate the writing.
  • Identify the assumptions: There are many assumptions relating with any idea that may not actually be true. But what if these assumptions prove to be wrong.
  • Explore the evidences: All evidences are based on certain facts, principles, studies, reasoning, authoritative quotations or personal anecdotes. Find out its base and assess its strength, flaws and associated beliefs.
  • Put your thinking in words and spawn your ideas: Jot down important point on a scrap paper and after a silent meditation use your powerful writing tool to steer the world.
  • Look Beyond: Brainstorming and developing an insight means looking at something that others can’t watch. Come up with something new, innovative and original.
  • Notecard: Assimilate your sporadic thoughts on notecard as they come up in your mind. As you write, your brain develops and accumulates more insight regarding the research paper topic.
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