Effective Tips on Writing a Research Paper on Global Warming

Global warming is one of the hot button issues of modern times. Over the next few centuries, climate change is expected to cause increased environmental damages and changes. Due to this effect, many teachers assign research paper topics on global warming. Although writing is never easy, this topic can be an interesting one for students.

Do the Work

There are hundreds and thousands of scientific papers on the topic of global warming. With so much information available, students do not have an excuse for turning in a poorly researched paper. Students can find information for their essay in the library or online. Academic or scientific journals often have some of the latest materials on the topic.

Create an Outline

Like any type of writing, students should be prepared to write an outline about the topic. Global warming is a broad topic, and it is easy to become lost when writing about it. A good outline will help the student to focus their ideas and develop a strong argument. Initially, the student should consider a good thesis statement. This thesis statement will be placed in the introduction and essentially sums up everything the paper is about. It will also be restated in the conclusion as the writer sums up their argument.

In between the introduction and the conclusion, the student has to build a strong body for their paper. Each paragraph should contain one topic sentence. These topic sentences are like miniature thesis statements that help to build the overall argument. Beneath each topic sentences, the student will want to write out two or three pieces of research that support their argument. Once the outline is complete, the student can reread it to make sure that the argument makes sense. If there is a flaw in the argument or the flow of the outline, students can rearrange the paragraphs until they are just right.

Source Evidence

For this type of writing, students have to show that they have the best research materials. Whenever a statistic, quote or data is used from other authors, the students need to source it exactly. In addition to preventing plagiarism charges, sourcing the evidence helps to show the teacher that the student did the work and found useful evidence to support their case. Since each writing style uses a different citation technique, students will want to look up the exact requirements of the citation style they were given in the teacher's writing prompt.