Interesting philosophy term paper topics you can consider to use

Anyone who becomes deeply involved in a particular course of study will start to see it in all facets of life. In the case of Philosophy however, there truly is a wide applicability to the subject. It has even been said to have spawned all of the other sciences both social and natural by being the original method of inquiry. As a result, when you need to write on philosophy, you can refer to any other field as well to come up with a highly original topic. Here are a few examples to consider.

The Socratic Method and the Legal Profession

The modern concept of debate in law owes heavily to Socrates and the style of argument he pioneered along with his contemporaries. This topic can delve into how the legal profession has evolved from that and continues to hold on to some of its core concepts.

Existentialism and Artificial Intelligence

When Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”, he did so in a world where it was still unfathomable that one day man would create objects capable of thought. Nowadays, true Artificial Intelligence is much more science than fiction. Those of us in our twenties are quite likely to live to see it become as incorporated into our daily lives as the internet is now. This can spawn an essay into the extent of self awareness that humanoid robots are likely to display and experience.

Mistakes in Philosophy and Science

Some of the most revered scientists and philosophers have posited theories that turned out to be completely inaccurate centuries later once the methods for testing them were available. This essay could explore the types of reasoning that led to that erroneous thinking and how it is related in both fields.

Philosophical roots of modern theology

Philosophy and theology have strong links to begin with but are still two distinct fields. This essay can compare and contrast them to lead to a deeper understanding of both.

Machiavelli and Modern Corporate Culture

As a philosopher and master politician, Machiavelli proposed many strategies for remaining in a position of power that while immoral in many cases, continue to be used in modern times. This essay could draw connections between the advice in his book, “The Prince” and the methods commonly used by large corporations to maintain their market share.

Philosophy can be approached in many different ways so feel free to take an element of one topic and switch it into another if an idea comes to you.

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