Support For Students: Examples Of How To Write A Research Paper

A research paper can be a tough paper to write. You need to present your facts clearly and without bias, but also make the paper an interesting read. Follow these tips to get the most out of your paper:

  •     Choose an Interesting Topic
  •       Source Facts
  •      Plan
  •      Be Objective

  Choose an Interesting Topic

Research papers can be dull affairs, you need to present a series of facts down on paper and let the general public decide what to do with them. So don’t kill yourself writing something you’re not interested in. The first thing you should do when writing your paper is to choose the topic that means the most to you. Research an issue that tugs your heartstrings, that’s been burning inside of you, that’s got meat.

    Source Facts

Researching all your facts is going to be the most time-consuming aspect of writing. But it’s also the most important. This is a research paper so you’re going to need an awful lot of information at hand. You may even have to conduct your own studies and create new data, so be prepared for a lot of groundwork. Mostly, though, these facts are your bread and butter. Without them it’s just an opinion piece, not a research paper.


Make sure you have a detailed plan set in place for what to say and when to say it. You don’t want to have all that information at your fingertips and no idea where it should all go. Lay out in detail what exactly you’re going to be writing about. If you’re struggling with your plan, you’ll know you’ll struggle with the paper. On top of that, if you find yourself stuck halfway through your paper, you can use that plan to remind you of what you need to do next. It’ll keep you focused and stop your paper from straying and going off on tangents.

   Be Objective

A research paper shouldn't really have an argument to make, it should just look into a specific topic or idea. Try to be as objective as you can and analyze the issue from all angles. Don’t leave something out just because you disagree with it. Facts are, after all, facts, and there’s no arguing with them. Incorporate everything and let the readers make up their own minds using the facts you've put in.

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