How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper: The Main Steps

The basic process of writing a research paper can be applied to an argumentative research paper. It is important to research your topic and find a unique perspective. Following this, you will want to dive into the planning process and set-up an outline. This outline will act as a skeleton or roadmap for your paper. The outline will overview the content of the introduction, body, and conclusion of the research paper. Once you have your outline, you will follow this in order to successfully write your paper. Aside from these standard research paper guidelines, there are some main steps applicable to argumentative research papers specifically. When writing an argumentative research paper you will want to carefully select your topic, read research of many opinions and monitor your tone.

Carefully Select Topic

When writing an argumentative essay the topic is incredibly important. You will want to consider your audience when selecting a topic, making sure it is not too racy or on the opposite end of the spectrum, boring. Sometimes writing an argumentative essay about something your feel extremely strongly about is not the best choice. You want to make sure you will be able to write a fair research paper without belittling or berating any opinions of others.

Monitor Your Tone

Topic selection goes hand and hand with the tone of your argumentative research paper. Selecting a topic that is too close to home can shine through in your writing. You want to steer clear of ranting in your argumentative paper. Your goal is to present a strong argument and support this argument with reputable data or sources, in order to affect your readers without a harsh tone.

Read Research of Many Opinions

Before writing your paper reading research of multiple opinions is a smart idea. You are setting out to find research that supports your opinion, but also creating a whole argument taking other opinions into consideration. Your reader may have different knowledge on the topic you are addressing which contradicts the point you have set out to make. If you were privy to this knowledge by researching other opinions, these opinions could be addressed in your paper.

With the general guidelines for a research paper, and the main steps we’ve outlined for an argumentative research paper, you will produce a successful paper. Carefully selecting your topic, reading research of multiple opinions and keeping a professional/academic tone are crucial for an argumentative research paper. Find something you are passionate about, and set yourself out to create a fair argument in an effort to compel your reader.

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