How to find an example of research paper written in APA format: list of suggestions

Writing a research paper is an inherent component of the studying process. However, like any other scientific work, it is difficult to create a real “masterpiece” without any worthy example. So, the question arises: Where to find a top-notch example of a research paper that corresponds to all the requirements of the APA style?

Check these possible solutions:

Libraries. Despite the fact that technology has fully captured all the aspects of our life, libraries remain a reliable source of getting further information. Visit the local library of your vicinity, or the library of your educational institution, and you will definitely find the necessary example of the research paper. Bear in mind that many book depositories subscribe to the latest issues of the specialized journals in order to have the most up-to-date information. Besides, some of the libraries give their literature free of charge. It is easy to use libraries' funds, because all of them have electronic catalogues, and you may even check the presence of the required piece of writing within a few seconds only!

Search engines. If your research paper deals with a popular and well-studied topic, then the possibility to locate it on the Internet is quite high as well. Just type the name of the topic in the search engine and study the given links. Perhaps, the fortune will be on your side, and you’ll even manage to find a full downloadable copy of your paper.

Specialized databases. There are a lot of services which provide the users with a possibility to find the necessary research paper. Such services constantly update their listings and thoroughly check the content and the quality of the stored research papers (most of them are actually being uploaded by the users). The process of searching these databases is extremely easy: just enter several keywords and you’ll be shown all the research papers related to your inquiry.

Scientific advisor. Be sure to ask your advisor for help. The task of this person is to assist you in the process of conducting the research, and he or she can certainly provide you with a trustworthy example of research paper that corresponds to all the requirements at the same time (this paper is usually done by the students of previous years of studying).

You may note that there exist numerous sources of getting a good example of the research paper. So, follow these tips and have a good luck!

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