Where To Find A Good Sample Questionnaire For A Term Paper

Once your tutor has given the instructions for your term paper they will hopefully pass on to you and the rest of your class some suitable samples that you can use as both templates and as a gauge for the level of skill that you should be aiming for. The only problem with using the samples that your tutor has given you is that the rest of the class is viewing the same as you and this does not allow for any individuality.

In order to showcase your work and to show individuality and innovation you will need to find another source of inspiration for your term paper.

  • Ask your tutor if they have any other samples or could point you in the direction of a few extra ideas. It is always worth asking.
  • Go and have a word with the staff in the Student Learning Support Department in your school or college. If you tell them that you are looking for inspiration then they may be able to find or talk through some ideas with you.
  • Have a look online. You will probably find so many ideas that you are really spoilt for choice. So you may have to narrow down your search a bit.

Look for samples that meet the following criteria

  • They are representations of a range of abilities. You cannot expect to write without seeing what good, poor and excellent work looks like.
  • Look at a range of topics. If the topic does not interest you or it is something that you have not covered in your curriculum then you need to look further.
  • You may already have a topic that you have come across during the term that you would like to extend further.

Don't limit your search:

  • There are some really good online sites that develop questionnaires. Check these out and look at the way that the samples they offer have been developed. Sometimes it’s about asking the right question no matter how simple it is.
  • Pay attention to the way the subject is introduced, the guarantee of confidentiality and the reasons behind the study. Does the language that is used specifically acknowledge the audience that it is intended for?
  • Are the questions that ask for demographic data relevant to the survey goal? Do they point to the characteristics of the target population? Does it illustrate a content of mixed closed-ended and open-ended questions as well as specific formats for responses?

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