Religion Research Paper Topics You Should Never Use

There is always room for discussion in academia for virtually any argument an individual chooses to make. When writing a research paper however, there are some areas of inquiry that are best avoided. It is important to remember that a research paper is expected to provide facts, figures and proof that supports a rational position, or theory.

So it makes sense that you would want to avoid topics that are controversial, or stir up highly emotional responses when examined. Another area that is usually avoided when choosing a topic for a research paper would be politics. Again, for the same reasons that religion doesn't work. People tend to hold strong opinions on various political issues, and debates can easily become emotionally charged.

In a worse case scenario, debates can degenerate down into personal attacks, instead of academic discussions. We have made a list of “hot potato” topics that you will probably not want to go near when you receive your next research assignment.

  • The Right To Life (Or Death)
  • Abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty and pretty much anything else that deals with who makes life and death decisions is best avoided. Does a woman have a right to terminate a pregnancy in any situation? Does a severely disabled man have the right to choose when he dies?

    Save those discussions for the dinner table, if you dare! Don't consider them as viable topics for your next research essay.

  • The Significance Of Particular Religious Leaders
  • Did you prefer the policies the Vatican followed under the previous Pope over the policies enacted by the current one? Keep you answer (and your opinions) to yourself! Or save that thought for your next argumentative essay assignment. This topic will not work for a research paper.

  • Holy Wars And Extremist Religious Movements
  • One man's freedom fighter is another one's terrorist. Again, “Holy Wars” and political movements based on religious ideology will get you into hot water if you use them as a research assignment topic.

  • The “Truth” In Religious Texts
  • Who wrote what, and when can and will be debated until the end of the world as we know it. These are not however, suitable topics for an academic research assignment. Words like “truth”, “right”, “wrong” and so on are highly subjective, even volatile, when used in a religious context.

Stick to the science or find a topic that deals with just the cold hard facts. Avoid the controversy that inevitably rides shotgun with any religious debate! Research papers are no place to fight ideological battles.

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