Proven animal research paper topics for college students

Being a human being, one must realize that every living thing should have the liberty to live a life in a healthy manner in accordance to how they must live in an environment suitable for them.

The concern for this article is to bring light to those topics which need to be taken under study. Of course at college level we wouldn’t want you to go too into detail about the inhumane aspects of being human, but nevertheless one must discuss those topics which would bring these concerns out in the open.

Students should be encouraged to discuss such topics because this will help them understand that even the animals can feel and that they too have rights. If they cannot come out on the streets for the sake of protest, then at least we should do it for them.

The most discussed topics related to animal issues are:

  • Pet ownership
  • Animal related crimes such as smuggling , hunting without license
  • There is a role of animals present in contemporary culture. Animals have importance in our literature, art, music, religion, verbal symbolism
  • Animals in sports and leisure activities
  • Involvement of animals in our work systems
  • Animals as a social problem
  • Consumption of meat and dairy
  • Animals as tools for conducting researching and teaching
  • Animals used for variable social stratification
  • Animals in the battlefield
  • Human population increases along with their demands for animals
  • Property status of animals
  • Cruel practices in animal farming
  • Animal experimentations

Bringing all these topics in consideration would also bring about an element of irony as animal rights continue to be ignored because even human rights haven’t been fully implemented as yet. But either way change does not come over night. You need to make an effort at an individual level and that surely will bear you a reward.

Using such topics will help you in getting attention from your college once your paper is read. Obviously it will be appreciated, but make sure to write such a beautiful and convincing paper that people would like to join you in this venture.

Animals are mistaken for creatures who don’t seem to have emotions and that they don’t have any senses, which can be triggered when they inflicted with pain. Be the voice of those who cannot speak and surely your success will be worth cherishing.

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