Contemporary Nursing Topics for a Research Paper

Nursing is typically regarded as one of the most conservative branches of medicine. However, it can’t remain beyond general technological progress. Exploring the most recent changes in this field will add value to your paper. If you produce a truly unique piece of research, it will definitely impress your supervisors and improve your career prospects.

Here are several examples of up-to-date research topics for a nursing student:

  • New systems and technologies in nursing. Modern hospitals are equipped with advanced computer systems and software; some even have medical robots. Find out how nurses can use technological means to be more efficient in their work, and what may prevent them from doing so (e.g. lack of awareness).
  • The role of technology in nursing education. Today, nurses can use a variety of means to learn, from social media to robotic simulation machines. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.
  • The shortage of nurses is a global problem. Here, you may focus on either the shortage of nurses in developed countries due to relatively low wages and high levels of stress (and international migration as a possible solution to this problem), or a lack of nursing care for patients in remote and tribal areas.
  • Managing a multigenerational nursing team. The so-called “millennials” (people born in the late 80s and 90s) are now entering the labor market. They come into the nursing profession as well. Explore the peculiarities of managing a nursing team that includes both “millennials” and older employees. You may discover an actual need for completely new approaches to training and managing the youngest members, or no significant differences between them and nurses of older generations.
  • The role of complementary and alternative therapies in nursing. Alternative medicine practices like Ayurveda have the same aim as nursing has – easing a patient’s pain with the help of human contact and positive emotions. Find out which methods of popular alternative therapies nurses can use in their work.
  • The past, present, and future of nursing. Explore the most important changes that nursing has experienced in recent decades, and identify the future trends.

The topics listed above are deliberately generic, but the focus of your paper should be more specific. This list is just a starting point for your further investigation. Choose the most appealing topic, then do a review of literature and previous research studies in this field. You will probably find an aspect that has not been sufficiently discussed. Explore it to produce a great research paper.

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