Fresh Ideas on How to Make Your Research Paper Stand Out

If you want to get a good grade for your research paper and impress people with it, you will need to work really hard in order to make it stand out. If you don’t know how to do this, study the following tips. Some of these ideas will definitely help you.

  • Find your voice.
  • The most important thing you need to do in order to create a paper that is unique and interesting is to understand that if you simply copy someone else’s tricks, your essay will lack the personal touch that often makes the paper great. This lack of individuality will make your essay seem artificial.

    What you need is to discover your own voice. You do have it, even if you’ve never used it before. You can use writing tricks as guidelines, but be sure that everything you write has your unique personal touch. Just be honest when you write, and you will see that you do have a unique style.

  • Grab the reader’s attention.
  • Even if you have a good writing style, your readers won’t be able to see this from the few sentences of the introductory paragraph, and the majority of people won’t bother reading further. This means that your main objective is to make them interested enough to continue. This can be achieved through several methods. For example, you can include a shocking piece of statistical data or a controversial statement. Humor is also a powerful “hook,” so you can try to include a witty anecdote in the introduction.

  • Provide a unique perspective.
  • If the topic you need to write about has been well-researched, it will be almost impossible to introduce new arguments or ideas. However, every person is unique, which means that you see the arguments from a unique perspective. Share your personal view in a way that will allow the readers to fully understand you and your position.

  • Don’t pick topics that are too controversial.
  • There is a power in controversy, as it often attracts the readers’ attentions. However, your essays are graded by your teacher, who is also a person and can be biased, regardless of how good of a professional he or she is. If the teacher has a completely opposite standing on the issue, you may not get the grade you think you deserve.

    It’s best to avoid topics that can cause people to become outraged or deeply involved on a personal level. Even if you do, stay neutral and don’t openly criticize your opponents. Focus on proving your arguments with logic and solid evidence.

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