Capstone Project Ideas

What is a capstone project and why does it account for so much of a student’s final mark in the class? This is a question asked by many college and university students. The capstone is the final stone laid in the arch. It completes the arch and holds all the other stones together. The symbolism in this word is that the capstone project is a main undertaking, the last one that rests on top and ties in all previous work.

When a student is entering their final year, it is the time to get serious about generating capstone project ideas and getting started on the planning stage for the project.

What is expected from a senior capstone project?

The project is an accumulation of all your years of learning. It should highlight a subject or theme that is of great interest to you. Because it is the crowning achievement of your academic career, the expectations are very high.

How to generate senior capstone project ideas

The first place to look for ideas is through your years of schooling. Was there a theme or area of significance within your field that you were highly interested in? Look through your text books and your notes. Was there a topic that you had done some research on but always wanted to go a lot more in depth?

Another place to generate some ideas is by looking back on some capstone project topics other students have used in the past. You would not want to copy any of them of course, but you may be able to figure out a new angle or an updated issue revolving around that general topic.

Your professor may give you some guidance on where to look for a topic or idea for your project. Even if it is only a springboard to finding your ideal topic, it may be useful to ask.

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