Coming Up With Good And Interesting Topics For Research Papers

Finding the right topic for your research paper takes time and 9 times out of 10 will not simply pop into your mind. You will need to develop ideas and then focus in broad topics to make them more narrowed and focused. Here's one strategy for taking a broad topic and focusing it. Follow these pointers to get a good research topic:

  • Background research will help you find out important bits of information and make sure you fully understand your topic and its impact. This might seem like a lot of extra work to do before even beginning your writing but it can really save you time and hassle later on. Knowing more about your topic will help you prepare your essay and give you confidence that you can write on the topic. It is next to impossible to write strong solid research if you do not fully understand your topic; this is why background research is s important to developing your topic.
  • Brainstorm concepts to see what new approach you can take to a simple or boring topic. Take topics such as global warming and think about other terms and ideas related to them that could work as a more focused topic for a research paper. Global warming is related to habitat loss, ice caps melting, ocean currents, changing weather patterns, species extinction, and many other topics that could prove to be insightful and interesting topics to use for a research paper.
  • Develop a research question that will serve as the thesis statement for your paper. If you are writing about habitat loss due to global warming, think of a question that you could answer through your research paper about how to stop habitat loss or lessen the effects of global warming. If your paper will be on a social issue, develop a research question that looks at your target group and issue and makes it interesting and relatable for the reader.
  • Research is an ongoing process and it is an ever changing process. Do not be afraid to adjust your focus and tweak your topic as needed base don your research. When conducting good research for your paper, the topic will seem alive and will have a tendency to adapt and grow and change along with your research. This is normal and you should not be afraid to let this happen to some extent.

With these tips in mind, you can begin researching your paper with confidence and you will be starting off with a much better foundation for writing success!

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