Writing Skills: Conducting A Perfect Research Paper in Two Days

You have let it slide! The clock is ticking, and your professor is waiting. If you have to produce a research paper on a very tight schedule, you'll need all the help you can get. This is not the perfect way to get a perfect grade. But all may not be lost! Here are some pointers to help you get the paper done, and fast.

How To Get The Paper Organized, Written, and Properly Presented....Fast!

  1. Relax And Come Up With A Plan
  2. Don't let the stress get to you. Take control, and come up with a plan. Jot down any notes or ideas that you have that you want to include in the essay. Focus on the topic, and the task at hand. You can, and will, get this job done! If you have a couple of days before your paper is due, you still have time to get a great research paper together. Set a schedule for the work that needs doing, and stick to it!

  3. A Winning Thesis Will Get You Started On The Right Path
  4. Your thesis is the time to get your reader's attention, and draw them into your essay. Take enough time to think up an outstanding idea, position, or unique perspective. Starting with a strong opening statement will engage your reader. The battle is half way won already.

  5. Introduce Your Ideas And Formulate A Fantastic Introduction
  6. As with any essay, your introduction will need to be clear and concise. The supporting paragraphs that follow will back up the claims that you have made in your thesis. Don't be tempted to use “filler” words and phrases to get the required word count for your assignment. Always keep your statements straight forward and easy for your reader to understand.

  7. Brainstorm! How Will Your Body Paragraphs Prove Your Point?
  8. Make sure you include examples and case studies to support the position that you have taken in your opening. Remember that each body paragraph should concentrate on one piece of evidence that defends the statements that you first made in your opening.

  9. Ready Your Research And Check Your Sources
  10. You may have a minimum number of resources that your professor wants to see worked into your paper. Check that you are giving him or her what they are asking for. Also be sure that the method you are using to cite your sources conforms to the one they prefer to see.

Don't worry! You can get this done. Focus on the task at hand, and get writing. Make sure you leave time for a last minute look and proofread before you submit your work, You can do it!

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