Online Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics Are Not Good At All

You cannot trust the topics that are available over the online websites, as they are not unique and everyone has access to it. You might even end up writing on a very old topic as the pages in the website are often not up-to-date. An easy and convenient way to select a topic for your criminal justice term paper is to know the method of finding the topic on your own.

Finding the Topic

You need to start with jotting down all that you know about criminal justice or whatever comes to your mind at that moment. You need to realize the areas on which you have ample knowledge and those on which you have very little idea. You need to specify the area of your search based on your knowledge, understanding, interest and also on the books and information found. For instance if your topic is ‘Capital Punishment’, you can search on the following terms and study on them-

  • Capital Punishment: What are its effects and how are they harmful
  • Death Penalty
  • Its merits and demerits
  • Capital Punishment in relation to false convictions
  • Death penalty and DNA testing

You can also draw out a map of the various ideas that might come to you. Such as where and when it first began, why has been capital punishment re-introduced, which countries still have it, why it is brutal to humanity, arguments against capital punishment etc. These type of questions can help you form the term paper, and you can also decide on what to keep and what to eliminate from the paper as per their relevance.

Wrong Assumptions about Term Paper Writing

A huge misconception students have about term paper is that a research paper needs to be argumentative, which is a disagreement and the nature of the argument needs to discussed as black and white with no grey matter. But it is not so.

5 Topic Suggestions for Criminal Justice

  • Developmental disability in relation to crimes and criminal justice
  • Dangerous Junction: Literacy, Youth and Criminal Justice
  • Mental Instability recognition in criminal justice
  • Criminal justice: media and public perceptions
  • Matter of concern: cross-culture criminal justice

There are various sources through which you may search for the topics and come up with an interesting one such as books, journals etc. Do your research and find the suitable topic for you.

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