20 Unique Topics For Your Term Paper In Computer Science

  1. What is so amazing and promising about artificial intelligence? And why are people so fearful of it? Are the fears rational or irrational?
  2. Can artificial intelligence open new doors in space or deep sea exploration? If so, why don’t governments fund more research?
  3. How has the internet changed the way we consider morality and acceptable behavior? Consider things like cyber bullying, piracy, pornography, etc.?
  4. How has size played a role in the way technology has evolved? For a time people wanted to make things smaller, but now things are getting larger (TVs, cell phones, etc.).
  5. Are humans’ reliance on technology really something we should concern ourselves with? What happens if it all ends?
  6. Can our bodies’ organs and functions one day be replaced by computer technology? How much can be replaced before we consider ourselves non-human?
  7. In what ways will computer science continue to affect the we learn in schools? Are educators fully caught up with the latest tools?
  8. What are the most important forms of technologies that are being used to solve world problems? How effective have they been?
  9. How has social media helped create or solve problems in first world countries? How has it done the same to third world countries?
  10. What do you believe are the long term effects of living in a technological time? Do you think the effects are negative or positive?
  11. Do you think that our interactions with other humans affect the way we interact with technology? Does it affect the way we’ve developed technology?
  12. Is it morally wrong to genetically alter children? What then are the implications that stem cell research has on this question?
  13. Should we use genetically modified food to solve nutritional and hunger issues in poorer countries? What other genetic modifications in food can we expect in the future?
  14. What role does computer science play in the possibility of time travel? Are the two mutually exclusive (e.g., Physics v. Computer Science)?
  15. Should internet availability and information technologies make working from home the new norm in certain work industries?
  16. Can video game technologies really help solve world problems? If so, should governments begin to fund video game development?
  17. Are we getting closer to a time when computer chips are implanted on humans for tracking? This has helped in the recovery of lost pets, can’t it help in cases of kidnapping and abduction of children?
  18. Should people from all countries have the same access to computer science technology? If not, what qualifications exist for those that should have access?
  19. Since we can now sequence human genes to find out more information about health risks, is this something that everyone should do?
  20. If people can choose to have genetic testing, who maintains the right to this information?

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