Popular Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper can seem like a lot of work. The keys to writing a good research paper are choosing a topic that interests you and choosing a topic that you can easily find information on. When you are genuinely interested in your research paper topic, the paper will be fun to write, and you will be more likely to do your best work on it. Here is a list of 30 interesting and easy to research topics that will have you excited to write your research paper:

  1. Do violent video games and movies create violence in real life society?
  2. Should undocumented immigrants be given amnesty, if so under what conditions?
  3. Is the death penalty effective in preventing crime?
  4. . Should recreational Marijuana be legalized?
  5. Should the United States be forced to follow the Kyoto Protocol?
  6. Are genetically modified foods safe for human consumption?
  7. Is there a significant health difference between organic and non-organic food?
  8. Should immunizations of common contagious illnesses be mandatory?
  9. Is assisted suicide or euthanasia ethical for terminally ill individuals?
  10. Should religious activities be allowed in public places?
  11. Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  12. Is the United Nations effective and necessary to creating global peace and prosperity?
  13. How does the threat of nuclear warfare effect world politics?
  14. . Is globalization negatively impacting developing nations?
  15. Should the industrialized nations be forced offer economic relief to developing nations?
  16. Is it possible to reverse or slow down global climate change? If so, how?
  17. How does technology affect teen behavior?
  18. How does the Cold War effect current global politics?
  19. Is bilingualism an advantage or disadvantage for young children?
  20. How has the HIV/AIDS epidemic affected global politics, culture, and economics since the discovery of it in the 1980’s?
  21. How do gun regulations affect societies?
  22. Is human nature based on nurture or nature?
  23. Why was communism unsuccessful in many places around the world?
  24. Is testing human products on animal ethical?
  25. How does the “glass ceiling” affect women in the workforce?
  26. Is it appropriate to break the law if it is for a good cause?
  27. Should abortion be legal?
  28. Should developing nations be held to the same environmental protection laws that industrialized nations are held to?
  29. How does the feminist movement shape society?
  30. How does outsourcing effect globalization?

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