10 Quick Tips To Help You Compose A Conclusion For A Research Paper

Okay, well first of you I just want to say kudos to you for getting to the final stages of your research paper. It’s no mean feat, trust me! So, I am assuming that you have nailed your Thesis, and have not only done your research but also kept an accurate list of the sources that you have used and referenced which will later go onto form your bibliography.

You are not alone in finding writing the conclusion a right royal pain in the backside. Here’re 10 quick tips that will hopefully help you break the deadlock:

  1. Write a list
  2. I always recommend that students note down a list of the key components of their paper. This will ensure that you remember to tie everything up in your conclusion and that you don’t overlook anything. Ticking them off one by one can also give you a sense of wellbeing and closure that would otherwise have been missing.

  3. Stay on point
  4. The sole purpose of your conclusion is to wrap up and consolidate your earlier findings. Do not be tempted to stray too far off course from this. Think of it as following a map.

  5. Back everything up
  6. Back up the statements that you have made by pointing to evidence and referencing sources. This will add extra credibility to the whole project.

  7. Acknowledge other arguments
  8. A lot of people make the mistake of failing to acknowledge the existence of other arguments which only serves to weaken their own stance. An opposing argument is to be celebrated, not feared.

  9. Restate the thesis and topic –
  10. This is for clarification purposes. You don’t have to make a big deal of this and don’t want to be investing too much time on it. However, you need to do more than simply gloss over it.

  11. Do not include new information
  12. This would be viewed as a major faux-pas and should be avoided at all costs. If new information comes to light then you need to weave it into your thesis. Your conclusion is NOT the place for it!

  13. Call to action?
  14. If a call to action is required then make it short, clear and to the point.

  15. Remember, you are aiming for effectiveness
  16. Your conclusion is there to support and back up the rest of your research paper. It is not an entity in its own right

  17. Leave readers with the feel good factor
  18. You want your readers to walk away feeling satisfied and that they have had a comprehensive overview. They don’t want to be left feeling cheated at all.

  19. End on a positive

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